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Sourcing Liberica or Excelsa coffee in the UK

I'm looking to try some Liberica or Exelsa coffee in the UK. I usually buy wholebean coffee from Bean to Door online (roasted and then posted within a few days), or from small independent shops where ...
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Weight loss between harvest and pre roasting

My questionn being as to how much weight loss is there between coffee beans been harvested and when it is dry enough to roast.If no answer, someone might how much volume loss there is. Thanks, Martin
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How does moisture occur inside Trader Joe’s coffee cans?

I’ve started trying Trader Joe’s whole bean coffee that comes in canisters. When I opened one today and poured the beans into the grinder, I noticed there was some moisture inside the can that I had ...
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Should I freeze my green coffee beans to prevent infestation?

I get 10 or more pounds of green coffee beans (Colombian Supremo) in a 'burlap bag'. Should I freeze the lot of them for a few days to rid them of potential pests?
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Does it make sense to buy smaller-sized bags of whole bean coffee to keep it fresher?

How much impact has having a coffee bag being opened vs. sealed on preserving the aroma of beans over 1 month? I am deliberating between 250 gram and 500 gram packages, with the former being 4% more ...
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Light-colored matter clinging to roasted coffee beans

On a recent shopping trip I bought some locally roasted beans from Rwanda, which were labelled "Karenge". The aroma is delicious, but on opening the bag I immediately noticed light-colored matter ...
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What is a good recipe for high quality coffee beans that are no longer fresh?

I have a subscription to a roaster who mails me a 250g bag of freshly-roasted, single origin coffee beans every week. To my taste, the beans are best within the first 20 days after roasting after ...
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The one-way valve, to squeeze or not to squeeze?

I buy 2-3 bags of fresh roasted beans and after a few days the bags balloon out. Should I squeeze the gases out or let the gases seep out naturally?
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What's the process of producing coffee oil from green beans?

How to make coffee oil? It's something obvious that can be done at home? What's the process in general?
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Is it possible to feel any effects after chewing one coffee bean?

The question title says it all: My colleague wanted to try my coffee, so he grabbed one bean of coffee (roasted) and chewed it up. After several minutes, he claims, that it has positive effects on ...
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How do I judge the quality of 'green' beans?

I'll have a chance to visit some coffee farms in the coming months, at which time I'll be able to purchase small amounts of 'green' Arabica beans. The only experience I have with purchasing these ...
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How should I store whole bean coffee?

I just got a pound of microroasted, local coffee and am curious what the optimal way to store it is (what temperature, humidity, etc)
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