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Decreased blood acidity

How can blood acidity be prevented by eating coffee and its acidity level balanced to alkaline ? Of course, except for drinking a lot of water.
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How to make 50 litres of cold coffee from ground coffee?

I want to make cold coffee from ground coffee at large quantity for my catering business. I know how to make it from instant coffee but I am thinking of upgrading my quality and giving ground coffee ...
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How much caffeine is in 1 teaspoon of ground Arabica coffee?

Arabica is said to have less caffeine than Robusta. Couldn't find info about this specific question in Google hence asking here. The grind I have is for filter coffee.
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Using Arabica coffee beans for making instant coffee

I saw in this article that instant coffee is usually entirely consisting of Robusta beans. Would making a instant coffee of Arabica beans make a better quality instant coffee? Would the process making ...
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How acidic is Liberica compared to Arabica and Robusta?

Today, during a discussion on acidity I realized that I could compare the acidity of the two main species. It's common knowledge that Robusta beans are generally more acidic than Arabica beans. But, ...
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Is it Okay to Reuse One-time Coffee Filter Cups for Coffee Pods?

I have a bag of 10 Rombouts filter coffee cups and I wonder if these can be reused: I wanted to reuse them but have concern from health perspective as well as practicality of this. Since coffee in a ...
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If I'm in a rush, can I simply use raw ground coffee like instant coffee?

I've been thinking about this for a while, and was wondering if it was safe. Nowadays, we're sometimes ina big rush and there's not enough time. Can I simply drop a spoonful of my favorite cheap ...
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Why do my Arabica beans smell and taste of burnt rubber?

I recently bought some Kenyan SL28, SL34 beans with a supposed blackcurrant note. It has an overwhelming burnt rubber flavor that I thought was exclusive to Robusta, how come?
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How should I start a coffee export business?

I am from Yemen, one of the world's best location for coffee. I want to start the coffee business and start a coffee export business but I have no experience in exporting and no customers to export ...
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To what extent have C. arabica beans been replaced by rust-resistant cultivars?

There have been articles in the news about coffee rust affecting coffee crops in many places. After reading this article it dawned on me that not only is C.liberica (resistant to rust) being exported ...
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Which vitamins & minerals does coffee provide?

I've heard that coffee contains small amounts of several vitamins/minerals and even worse, it can interfere with iron absorption and wipes out B vitamins. Does coffee has any vitamins & minerals ...
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Are robusta and arabica the only bean varieties?

On this site, and virtually everywhere, I hear people speaking about coffee in terms of "arabica" or "robusta". I know these are two coffee varieties, but are there others as well? Why aren't those as ...
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What are the differences in perceived quality of Robusta vs Arabica bean blends?

There are many different varieties of coffe, but cafea arabica and cafea robusta are two different species grown in my region of Colombia, robusta specifically grown for its increased resistance to ...
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What is the difference between Robusta and Arabica?

Different coffee packets advertise different amounts of 'Robusta' and 'Arabica'? What do these terms refer to, and how does it affect the taste of the coffee?
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How do I judge the quality of 'green' beans?

I'll have a chance to visit some coffee farms in the coming months, at which time I'll be able to purchase small amounts of 'green' Arabica beans. The only experience I have with purchasing these ...
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