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Discussions about green coffee, which is extremely under roasted coffee to have a tea like flavor.

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Is it possible to grind then roast?

Is it possible to grind green coffee beans, then roast the grinds, and make a good cup of coffee with the result? Are there reasons why doing so would be impossible or impractical or would necessarily ...
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How is green coffee different from usual black coffee?

I recently saw green coffee on the shelves. I do not know how to prepare it - should I treat it like regular coffee? Or is another technology used?
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Should I freeze my green coffee beans to prevent infestation?

I get 10 or more pounds of green coffee beans (Colombian Supremo) in a 'burlap bag'. Should I freeze the lot of them for a few days to rid them of potential pests?
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Coffee with colors?

I've heard some types of coffee have blue color (after brewing), does anyone know the name of it? Also is there any coffee that have color other than brown?
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What is a good packaging when importing green beans to a temperate climate?

Importing green beans matters to bring great quality to the cup. But the beans travel from their native mountains in the Green Belt to various climates. What packaging is best when transporting to a ...
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What/when/how do you consider coffee as organic?

Our shop joined this bazaar and we we're selling roasted beans (Brazil Santos) which we get green then roast in our shop. A customer was asking questions about the coffee beans and the only one thing ...
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What Are The Merits of Different Green Coffee Processing Methods?

I've noticed that there's a distinct lack of Q&A's on green coffee processing methods. As this is one of the earliest steps on the journey from seed to cup, I was curious: What are the merits of ...
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How to create green coffee?

On the weekend, I've visited the vienna coffee festival. I've tasted "green coffee" there. Its taste and look was similar to green tea. Is it a tea, created from the leaves of the coffee? I tried to ...
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