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For questions about the beverage consisting primarily of coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.
× 132
Questions on the process of turning coffee beans into a beverage.
× 113
All about the flavour of coffee: e.g., the nature of flavour, chemical components, impact of extraction techniques on the resulting flavour.
× 101
For questions about the good and bad effects of coffee on human health.
× 85
prepare the many beverages based on coffee that have been developed since long ago.
× 82
Everything about the equipment necessary to produce espresso out of ground coffee.
× 80
a stimulant drug with a bitter taste. It is produced naturally by coffee plants. It can survive the heat of roasting and is water-soluble, so brewed coffee will contain caffeine. Use this …
× 79
The seeds of the fruit of the coffee plant, used to make coffee.
× 61
Any specialized equipment or tools used while preparing coffee beverages.
× 59
metal pots used to brew coffee on a stove, using steam pressure to force heated water up through ground coffee into an upper chamber.
× 54
when the question is not related to coffee fruit, beans, roasting, grinding, brewing or respective equipment, but when the question is related to the culture and traditions related to cof…
× 53
if you have any questions about storing the coffee in any form.
× 52
brew coffee such as drip coffee-makers, espresso machines, or pod-based machines.
× 51
Questions having to do with the roasting of coffee beans starting from green coffee beans to roasted beans ready to grind. This tag may also have to do with the heat profiles of roasting beans or the…
× 47
Drip brewing, filtered coffee, or pour-over is a method which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans contained in a filter, creating the beverage called coffee.
× 46
A grinding machine, often shortened to grinder, is any of various tools or machines used for grinding coffee beans.
× 45
A coffee brewing device that uses immersion brewing followed by plunging a metal screen to strain and compact the loose coffee grounds to pour the brewed coffee. Also known as a cafetière, coffee pres…
× 44
A coffee brewing device that uses immersion brewing followed by forcing the brewed coffee through a filter using a pressed plunger.
× 43
A coffee brewing process that employs cold or room-temperature water to extract coffee over an extended period of time.
× 31
Methods, tips and tricks for cleaning coffee pots, cups, and other brewing or coffee-related materials. Avoid product placements, but general descriptions of generic items are acceptable.
× 31
Coffee beverages prepared with milk from any source (cow, soy, or other animal or plant) used in the preparation of coffee. Sometimes steamed, frothed, foamed, or other preparation.
× 29
All about instant coffee: processed coffee powder/concentrate directly dissolved in water.
× 27
Types and varietals of coffee beans, their qualities, and properties.
× 26
strain or separate grounds from coffee while brewing
× 22
All about flavorings added to coffee (syrups, spices, dairy), as opposed to inherent flavors found in coffee.
× 21
More than just the amount of heat energy contained in coffee: from extraction to serving, temperature has myriad effects on the quality and flavour of the resulting beverage.
× 20
All questions related to Turkish-style coffee brewing (and equipment).
× 20
All about the chemistry of coffee, from the Maillard reaction to the extraction of dissolved solubles in coffee.
× 19
A coffee filter made of paper.
× 18
A layer of emulsified coffee oils that float atop brewed espresso.