While using a Nespresso Virtuoline, the machine seems to read a barcode on the capsules which tells it how much water to use. The high intensity espressos seem to give you a very small quantity (about .3 oz with maybe .2 oz crema).

I was wondering if its possible to make a long pull with the virtuoline? Or do the capsules simply not contain enough coffee so it becomes watered down?

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I've made a little bit research on the Nespresso FAQ and found the following:

VertuoLine - Can I make a Coffee that is larger than 230ml / 7.77 oz.?

Specific extraction parameters are set for each blend and each coffee is developed from the interplay between the extraction parameters and the coffee blends to guarantee the best result in-cup. However, the machine enables brewing larger than 230ml / 7.77 oz. (to 500ml / 17 oz.). Check your Machine Manual or call our Technical Specialist via our toll-free number.

It looks like it is possible, but depending on your machine type.

  • There is a way to change the setting, yes. You can do it on the pixie line, too Dec 22, 2018 at 17:42

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