I've been told that Nespresso capsules contains sugar, but the site Caffeineinformer.com says it doesn't. Are there any official sources that declares no sugar in Nespresso capsules?

  • There is sugar listed on the ingredients of my pods. It drives me crazy because I dont like sugar in my coffee Feb 21, 2019 at 23:06

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Coffee is a pure and natural product, consisting only of water and roasted coffee bean extract. Unsweetened black coffee is naturally low in calories ( <1 kcal). No additives are present in our capsules. Adding milk to the coffee can bring additional nutritional benefits to the coffee. Milk is a good source of various essential nutrients. Nevertheless, milk, cream and sugar provide calories which might become significant if regularly consumed.

Reference: https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/grands-crus-coffee-range (FAQ; see bottom of the page)


In addition to their company's assertion, I can say that I have cut open and inspected the ground coffee in many nespresso capsules, across many lines.

I have looked at the grind before use, and after. There is no sugar in the media. If there were any, it would be a form of coating or impregnation — and then I doubt the possibility, for it would interfere with the production of the coffee.

If there were a large granule, it would appear different from other granules. Small granules would separate differently and be apparent.

The used pods do not lose an mass / material, in the way that many k-cups do. There are many k-cups types that, after using, weight much less because the hot water has dissolved the contents (sugar and hydrogenated oils) and delivered them to your cup.


If you look at the Nespresso FAQs, and look for "Does Nespresso offer flavored coffee?", you will see this:

In addition, our flavored Holiday Limited Editions are exquisitely designed using all-naturally extracted ingredients, with no added sugars or preservatives.

That is the only thing I could find on Nespresso's web site, however I believe that indeed, Nespresso pods are very high quality and explicitly do not contain sugar unless mentioned.


A nespresso contains 100% ground coffee.It is not instant,and it does not contain any kind of additives.

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