I am using a Gaggia classic espresso machine and am looking for a grinder that will work well in combination with it.

What are the characteristics I need to keep in mind when selecting a grinder? What is better? A conical burr or a flat burr grinder? What gives the better grind?

At the moment, I have a crupps, but it has very coarse grinding steps.

  • Sorry, but that’s mostly opinion-based, so I have to put this question on hold for now. What would be ok is asking what characteristics are important for a good grinder for your specific use case. Please edit your post and we can reopen it again. Feel free to flag it when you are done. – Stephie Jun 1 '19 at 9:29

For espresso, you should use a stepless grinder (meaning, instead of a small number of grind sizes, you can fine tune the dial continuously) with conical burs (which are a certain shape of grinding wheels that provide consistency and precision). A standard recommendation is the Baratza Sette. The Reddit community /r/coffee provides more guidelines on shopping for coffee grinders.

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