Experienced in data engineering using Snowflake (function, stored proc, task, Snowpipe), Azure Data Factory, Azure Service Fabric, C#, .NET, SQL Server as well as Java, Scala, Groovy, Maven, SQL Server, Postgres, Jenkins, Jetty, Tomcat.

In the past I have used Selenium 1 & 2 for integration testing. HTTPBuilder for automated testing of a REST web service and API for data analytics and large data.

I currently:

  • Provide high performance data ingestion solutions and improved performance of existing database instances, in Snowflake, SQL Server, and PostgresSQL for product development in both cloud and on-prem product lines
  • Manage over 40 TB of SQL Server databases ranging in size between 2 MB and 3 TB; totaling 400 databases on 5 servers and 9 instances (of SQL Server versions 2008R2, 2012, 2016, and 2019, and PostgresSQL) for Product Development and Testing
  • Provide Product Development level support for escalated issues from client services for back-end products, including: REST Server/API, Database, various subsystems for loading and analyzing data, and full-stack trouble shooting such as network latency effects, security, server and network virtualization issues, and IO bottlenecks
  • Perform release and configuration management for new product releases (GitHub, Nexus, JenkinsCI)
  • Manage JenkinsCI consisting of 12 nodes, 70 executors, and approximately 180 active jobs for the active branch (120 Java projects in the repo)
  • (prior) Architect and implement automated tests including unit, integration, and performance (informed by manual exploratory testing, N-wise test planning, and code review of tests for corner-cases or bugs)
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