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Is Kopi Luwak safe to drink?
16 votes

The Civet cat is out of the Java bag, and people around the world are bidding up the cost for this delicious coffee to $200-400/lb. and above. While I would like to convince you this coffee is ...

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US equivalent of SCAE?
Accepted answer
11 votes

There is a Specialty Coffee Association of America, and they have a professional development program with certificates. (Also various awards and recognition programs.) I'd be surprised if there was ...

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Is soap/water enough to get safely clean coffee mold from my mug?
Accepted answer
8 votes

I would feel confident drinking out of a ceramic mug after a good scrubbing with soap and water. Smooth (glazed) ceramic surfaces are more easily cleaned than rough ones, so perhaps the rough ones ...

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How can I maximize the time the "high" lasts?
Accepted answer
7 votes

Some upperclass chemistry students at the University of Delaware put together a nice site that summarized the effects of caffeine (http://udel.edu/~danikoll/index.html), but it has been removed. (A ...

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What type of roast has the lowest caffeine content?
4 votes

Caffeine is chemically stable even when passed through its boiling point (evaporation temperature) of 312°C (593.6°F), as demonstrated in this study, Thermoanalytical study of purine derivatives ...

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How should I clean a stainless coffee carafe?
2 votes

Imposing as the build-up of dark staining on the wall of your stainless steel carafe may seem, I predict it will come up with water and a bit of effort with a paper towel or other light cleaning tool. ...

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