In order to maintain consistency, Starbucks roasts their coffee a tad bit longer than many might prefer. The espresso you get in New York is going to taste exactly like the one you got in Hong Kong, or New Delhi - that's actually kind of impressive. Still, if you're someone that likes their beans just past the second 'crack' - you might find their espresso a ...


Starbucks is a coffee-chain, but "It's not about the coffee". Their main focus is actually the personal experience of going there. They train their employees to remember regular's names (and not only that; the get loads of training on handling people, conversation tactics, and personal skills), they have that "your name on the cup" thing, and generally, ...


The problem with ordering a "Macchiato" is that it's only half of the name of a traditional coffee drink. "Macchiato" means "stained" or "flecked" and not more. In Italy, you have either Latte macchiato: *Milk "stained" with coffee (more precisely caffè or espresso) or Espresso macchiato: Espresso (or caffè) "stained" with a spoonful of milk foam. If ...


I like the answers already here, but want to add on a bit. Coffee freshness is an extremely important variable when selecting coffee. There are roughly 800 volatile molecular components found in coffee and much of it evaporates within several days of resting and/or minutes after grinding. A true coffee snob is very interested in a "roast date" rather than a ...


There are a number of concrete factors that will impact the stimulation you get from a cup of coffee, but it probably boils down to the amount of caffeine (and any other stimulants) that are in your cup that get extracted from the beans. Here's a few factors that affect the caffeine content of coffee, with links to other related questions on this site: ...


The blinking light means it has been sitting there for 30 mins. Starbucks Baristas do in fact brew coffee every 15 mins and are supposed to dump the coffee when the light blinks. source: a starbucks barista


Very probably any single-shot espresso beverage (tall Americano or latte?) prepared with decaffeinated beans or the regular decaffeinated filtered coffee is a good choice of you are looking for the coffee flavor but not very fond of caffeine.


Refers to those shots of espresso. You have 2 in there by default. (The iced Venti drinks typically get 3, because the cup is a little larger (24 oz.))


The Short, Tall, and other sizing names are adopted by Starbucks to denote their own serving sizes. Any use in terms of coffee-serving sizes were coined initially by Starbucks which subsequently led to other coffee shops following suit as an established method. The list of sizes are as follows: Short 8 fl. oz. / 240mL Tall 12 fl. oz. / 350mL Grande (Big in ...


Regular decaf coffee from Starbucks has approx. 15mg according to this link here. I believe you can get espresso made with decaffeinated beans, which will be lower than that due to the small amount of espresso. If she finds that too bitter, you may be able to get an iced coffee for her made with decaf.


As far as actual speed, that based mainly on the barista working shift, the load, and amount of available equipment. Starbucks does not have any patented magic equipment that lets them pull shots faster than any other coffee house (that I am aware of). If you enjoy their beverages, then there probably isn't any reason you shouldn't continue to drink it. ...


The blinking light is set on a timer for 30 minutes. Unlike many coffee shops and pots there is no heater. Heating is not good for coffee freshness and this is another reason the coffee should not sit for more than minutes.


I had an idea. It hasn't worked yet, but based on my theories, it ought to work. To calibrate the triple-shot button when the single part is too long for the double part, Queue-up several triples. Just before it grinds for the single, crank up the grind 10 (or more) clicks finer. Just before it grinds for the double, crank down the grind 10 (or more) ...

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