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Manual / inconvenient / minimalist method to make coffee (aim is to reduce consumption)

The bottom right Ubuntu user looks like a coffee pad machine using Easy Server Espresso pods. I say this because it has the rounded bit above the cup which is where the coffee pad seems to go. Such ...
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Is a Keurig K-Cafe "shot" really an espresso shot?

No, sadly it's absolutely not an espresso shot. To get a real espresso shot the ideal settings are to have freshly ground coffee into a portefilter basket leveled and compressed using about 15kgf of ...
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Can the Breville / Sage Oracle grind and brew simultaneously?

It is capable of doing this, but the machine only comes with one porta filter. In fact, my Barista Express is capable of grinding while brewing, but again only 1 porta filter. You would need to buy ...
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