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As an avid composter I can say that I have always used lots of coffee grounds and my compost has always done well with it. There are a few reasons why it is beneficial: used grounds are fairly pH neutral. If your compost is too acidic they even help a little by absorbing extra acid. Unused grounds however would add to acidity. coffee grounds are considered "...


Keurig have publicly stated they are switching to using fully recyclable materials by 2020 (I have no idea why it will take them five years to implement something most companies have been doing for decades, but that's beside the point). You can see more at their Web site. You can also get Keurig-compatible (although not "approved") pods that do not have ...


Another option to quickly use coffee is cold-brew since it requires large amounts of coffee to produce a small amount of concentrate that lasts up to a week refrigerated. I personally use this method to "finish" an older roast so that I can start using a fresher one for my other brewing methods. Stumptown recommendation: 12 oz coffee + 56 oz H2O for 16 ...


One option is a somewhat obscure preparation method, but one that works best with older-ish beans: Nel drip (nel pot) preparation recommends beans that are a few weeks old; here's a Nel preparation guide from Blue Bottle. I don't know why older beans are recommended, except perhaps tradition. See also other questions tagged nel-drip including another ...


It probably varies widely on what is in your compost pile. Some strains of bacteria are able to metabolize caffeine and would essentially break it down into other more useful compounds (to plants). However, without knowing what bacterium are in your heap and how much caffeine, it may be something of a dice roll.


coffee pods can be recycled or even refilled take a peak of the following link http://www.instructables.com/howto/capsules/ you can even search for other words such as coffe pods

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