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Bitter and oxidation?

If your equipment is clean and your coffee is fresh, bitterness can be caused by two things: Dark roasts. With the Bialetti especially, most people tend to use "italian roast" coffee, which ...
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How to clean up brown black build up in a Moka pot?

Soaking in vinegar seems to have helped the most. Now it looks like something baking soda might work on. Or maybe will do vinegar again. Overall I am already happy with the result.
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New Bialetti Venus 6 cup - sponge turned black first time wash

When SS cookware is made, a mechanical polishing process using very fine abrasives is used to make it shiny. Sometimes this process leaves a residue that cannot be removed by hand or dishwashing. To ...
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Are there any tools to help filling the moka pot with coffee and prevent wasting coffee?

A convenient and cheap solution is to use a coffee dispenser like this one: The bottom of the can has steps of various diameters to fit the most common moka sizes. You put the can onto the moka ...
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