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The most sensible solution is to throw it out. Instant coffee is hygroscopic, it will absorb moisture from the air if possible. I guess either someone was sloppy when scooping out the instant coffee and used a wet spoon or the container was not airtight (either bad packaging design or because a careless user didn’t close the pack properly). Now add high ...


I have just made one batch with Xylitol: Other websites also recommend Erythritol - which isn’t surprising, considering that both are sugar alcohols. (Note that both can have a laxative effect, individual tolerance varies.) Apparently the (non-)sugar granules aren’t even required, I have seen (albeit not tested myself) recipes that use liquid sweeteners, e....


Check the ingredients and nutrition facts on the package. Particularly carbohydrates. Coffee and artificial sweeteners have no carbs, so if you see carbs, it's probably all sugar. Generally the answer is yes, they have added sugar. That's how they make flavors like those you mention taste so sweet.

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