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Can I reuse grounds to make another espresso?

The simple answer is one extraction per portafilter filling. So depending on whether you use the smaller one-shot or larger double-shot insert, you get one or two shots per button press and after that,...
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How to assemble needles in Sworksdesign's Espresso WDT tool?

With the advice from redditer bigalbundy1827 I did the following: Just push needles in every second hole plus one needle with the advise bent in the middle channel. Make sure to put the wired side of ...
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Bitter and oxidation?

If your equipment is clean and your coffee is fresh, bitterness can be caused by two things: Dark roasts. With the Bialetti especially, most people tend to use "italian roast" coffee, which ...
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Manual vs Automatic espresso machine

Go manual and you’ll never go back. It’s like a stick shift: more fun ‘cause there is more to play with! I think there are numerous advantages: Blessed silence. Pumps are not music to my ears when my ...
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Does pouring hot espresso over ice "shock" it, or is that a myth?

The explained method is known as the Japanese brewing extended to espresso. Actually, this is discussed before here to some degree. So, please also take a look at that as it may help: Extending the ...
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What are some strategies for handling the transition between different-aged beans in a coffee shop Espresso grinder?

Buy a dedicated handheld vacuum. Suck out the beans from the hopper knowing your vacuum is ONLY EVER used for this and reuse the captured beans. There are barista vacuums on the market, but as far an ...
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Espresso dripping but yield & pour time is right

For a single, presumeably with a double spout, dripping is normal. You'll only get a continuous stream when you pull a double. 30g out is actually pretty much from 9g in, a normal espresso would be ...
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"bald" spots when brewing espresso, seen with naked portafilter

I also posted the same question on Reddit where I got a lot of responses. It appears that this is actually totally normal for a light-roasted coffee :).

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