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About coffee preparations that contain no caffeine.

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For decaffeination, is "Mountain Water Process" the same as "Swiss Water Process"?

For decaffeination, is "Mountain Water Process" the same as "Swiss Water Process"? A sales person said the "Mountain" process is better, because it uses mountain water. (...
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Recipes yield horrible coffee with the Aeropress

First, I've a few personal constraints: I have to drink decaf (was in hospital because of caffeine). I'm traveling a lot, so no grinder, no scale, I rely on store ground coffee. Typically I buy the ...
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Is there any difference (besides caffeine content) between decaf and regular coffee?

Is there any real difference between these two types of coffee? Say for example I have beans from the same crop of coffee, I send half through the decaffeination process and the other half I don't. ...
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What is the industrial method for extracting caffeine to make decaf? [duplicate]

Is this a solvent extraction method? If so what solvent is used and if it is organic, do the manufacturers verify elimination of a certain percentage of residual solvent?
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Decaf coffee, how to make our own

I saw this on a coffee site: As we all know, it is really hard to get a good decaf specialty coffee. The decaf process removes oils and flavors as well as the caffeine, leaving a blah cup ...
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How can I distinguish prepared cups of regular and decaf?

I finished preparing two cups of coffee, one regular and one decaf, but I got distracted and now I don't know which is which. How can I tell them apart? Notes: I'm talking about distinguishing ...
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How can I keep several pots of coffee warm?

I am the coffee guy for my parish's Fall Festival and every year I hit the same snag when it comes time to serve the coffee. This is the scenario: I am given: 20 silver pots with vacuum sealed ...
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Is it safe to give decaf coffee to a child?

I heard from a friend that there's a new trend happening. People are bringing their kids to Starbucks and buying them a so-called "baby-cino", i.e. decaf coffee with lots of cream and sugar. ...
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How to decaffeinate coffee? [duplicate]

I was wondering how coffee is being decaffeinated. How is this achieved? Are there different approaches? Since when is this practice?
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Recommendations for tasty decaf coffee?

I am currently attempting to decrease my caffeine consumption and was therefore wondering whether anybody has experience with decaf coffee? Although I want to reduce the caffeine, I don't want to ...
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Is there a way to distinguish decaf from normal coffee?

During a move I forgot which jar of ground coffee is decaf - usually I refer them by place they had. Is there any test I can perform at home to find out which jar is which type of coffee?
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Which decaffeination process changes the flavor of the coffee the least?

There are many decaffeination methods available: Swiss Water method CO2 Process Roselius Process Direct Method Indirect Method Triglyceride process (Thanks to Mooz for providing the list I found in ...
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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

I recently bought a bean-to-cup coffee machine and I drink a lot more coffee than I should. As decaffeinated coffee would do me good, I was hoping that there was a decaf coffee bean. I would like to ...
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Is there a way to get Caffe d'orzo in North America?

I know it's not really coffee, but I fell in love with "Caffe d'orzo" on a trip to Italy. I seems to be ground, roasted barley run through an espresso machine. The shots don't taste quite like ...
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Can decaf coffee be addictive?

It is evident that decaffeinated coffee still contains a very low amount of caffeine. What I'm interested in is that if decaf coffee still contains some very low amounts of caffeine, and caffeine is ...
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Is decaffeinated coffee more acidic?

Apparently caffeine is weakly basic. This means, presumably, that in coffee the caffeine actually neutralises some of the acids. Is decaffeinated coffee more acidic than caffeinated coffee as a ...
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Of the various methods of decaffeinating coffee, which is the safest?

There are various methods of decaffeinating coffee beans: Swiss Water method1 Co2 Process1 Roselius Proccess2 Direct Method3 Indirect Method4 Triglyceride process5 Of these various methods, are any ...
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Does a decaffeinated coffee have zero or little caffeine in it?

Does any average kind of decaffeinated coffee have zero or very little caffeine in it?
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How is decaffeinated coffee made?

Okay but seriously, how is decaffeinated coffee made? How does this process affect the flavour? (I'm assuming it does because decaffeinated coffee seems to be the source of much derision...)
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