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Poured water into Pre-ground coffee funnel – De'Longhi Magnifica S

As with anything electronic, it should be allowed to dry thoroughly before introducing power again. With any luck the water did not cause any short circuits or damage any parts. But there may be ...
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Melted gasket on moka pot. How do I clean it?

The gasket in Moka pots need to be replaced every now and then, depending on how often you use the pot. If your gasket was damaged, then you should definitely replace it, for safety reasons. If you ...
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Easy To Clean New Machine

Firstly, cleaning would be a lot easier if you had a seperate grinder and a separate machine (which has the added benefit of being able to replace only one of both should something break). I found ...
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Whats the main difference between the coffees named "Kopi O Kosong", "Kopi" and "Kopi Peng"?

Singaporean traditional coffee culture uses a variety of terms originating from Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese etc. Here are the usual terms for kopi: Term Meaning Etymology Kopi Coffee with condensed ...
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