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Bean-to-cup machines are automatic coffee machines that grind beans for each individual cup.

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How to clean the pre-ground coffee funnel of De'Longhi ECAM23.120.B?

Two weeks ago I tried to make a decaf coffee with pre-ground coffee, but my machine threw a "too much pre-ground coffee" error (used the spoon that came with it BTW). I tried to clean the ...
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Which coffee preparation is the most ecological? Low energy / power consumption?

I have some years a coffee fully automatic machine from Jura. Now I have tried other ways to prepare coffee, namely Moka pot and Chemex. I want to keep my electricity consumption as low as possible ...
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Jura Water Filter, Decalcification and Reverse Osmosis

We use reverse osmosis water for our Jura S8 and don't use the Jura filter, because why when the water is pre-filtered. Now the machine is telling us to decalcify the machine. My question is, do I ...
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Did I mess up the grinder settings when adjusting the grind size when the grinder was not in use?

I bought Phillips LatteGo 3200 machine. When it came, I put it together and during that I noticed there is a grinder coarseness knob. Out of stupidity, I tried to move it up and down. Then I read in ...
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Weird espresso leak Delonghi Perfecta ESAM5600SL

I got a used Delonghi Perfecta machine. It's the first espresso machine I have had so I still don't know much about them, I got it a week ago and it was working fine until this morning when it started ...
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In search of a Hot Bean to Coffee Cup Machine

I have just returned the De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. Not because it didn't make nice coffee, but because the coffee was luke warm within seconds of drinking. ...
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Does which grind setting you use also depend on the beans used?

So - I use an automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine. The grinder within the machine has 5 grind levels - 5 being the most coarse, 1 being the most fine. Out of the box, it was pre-set to 3, which did ...
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Bean to Cup cappuccino coffee is never hot enough

I have had several fully automatic bean to cup machines (i.e. which include milk frothing), from expensive Jura machines to Delonghi and many others. One issue I find with most machines (I sent ...
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Delonghi Magnifica - pump stops after 10 seconds with fault lights

My Delonghi Magnifica ECAM22.110.B Bean-to-Cup machine just stopped working. The symptoms are: Machine starts as normal Grinder runs and pump runs for exactly 10 seconds then cuts out Water from ...
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Bean-to-cup coffee machines without milk steamer

I want to make high quality espressos at home with a machine like this, but I don't like milk. Therefore, if there is a machine like this without the milk steamer, it would be preferred. Do you know ...
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What bean-to-cup machines are available with dual hopper system to allow regular and decaf at the same machine?

I'm looking to buy an automated coffee machine for our small office setting; maybe 10 cups a day as a perk for our employees. One thing that I feel we need is the ability to make decaf and caffeinated ...
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After cleaning a bean to cup machine can I reinsert the same filter?

The Melitta Caffeo Gourmet bean to cup machine has built in cleaning and rescaling programmes. During these it is necessary to remove the Claris water filter. Can I put the same filter back in? Or do ...
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Messy grounds inside of DeLonghi ESAM 2600

I've got a DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine (ESAM 2600), which I find decent in overall. But there is one very annoying issue: not all of the grounds make it from the basket into the internal waste bin. ...
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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

I recently bought a bean-to-cup coffee machine and I drink a lot more coffee than I should. As decaffeinated coffee would do me good, I was hoping that there was a decaf coffee bean. I would like to ...
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Get the best from a Gaggia Unica coffee machine

I have a Gaggia Unica bean-to-cup machine and I want to use this machine to get the best quality coffee possible. How should I use and maintain/clean the machine to ensure the highest standard of ...
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Office bean-to-cup machine tastes acidic in the morning

In our office we have a bean-to-cup machine. The rate at which we use it means we always have fresh beans - generally it tastes pretty good for machine-made coffee. However, first thing in the morning,...
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