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A tag to discuss how water affects the brewed coffee. Relation includes temperature, chemistry, flow rate and so on.

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Damaging effects from water in pre-ground coffee container/funnel DeLonghi ecam550.65sb?

A relative of mine accidentally poured water into the pre-ground coffee hole/funnel. Is there a risk of things getting damaged? I know someone has asked this question for a Magnifica S, but I have a ...
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precise control over water re-mineralization

I have been trying for, literally, decades, to get really good coffee. I roasted for several years, and for two cups during that time, I reached absolute nirvana with coffee that tasted so good it ...
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Jura Water Filter, Decalcification and Reverse Osmosis

We use reverse osmosis water for our Jura S8 and don't use the Jura filter, because why when the water is pre-filtered. Now the machine is telling us to decalcify the machine. My question is, do I ...
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How does hard water affect the brew and how to compensate for hard water?

I figured the brewing technique that works for me at home. I am using light roasts, brew them with AeroPress using good amount of 95C water at about 1-to-8 ratio. Yet, when I come to my friends place, ...
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