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How do I brew Vietnamese Coffee in a phin filter without getting too watered down?

How do I brew Vietnamese Coffee without it tasting too watered down? I'm using a phin filter, but I can't get the coffee to be strong as I typically get at the restaurants. I tried applying more ...
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how to make “Creme Caramel” coffee flavored?

I tried it Vietnam 3 years ago. What is the name of that desert in the photo? I only know that its origin is probably Phillipines or Vietnam or that area, and that it contains eggs, and the brown ...
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Vietnamese coffee from concentrate?

I was in a banh mi shop today and ordered a hot Vietnamese coffee. The shopkeeper put some refrigerated concentrate and condensed milk in the cup, and then added hot water. Is this a standard method ...
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Different-tasting coffee in Vietnam/Cambodia

When traveling in Vietnam and Cambodia, I noticed that the coffee had a very different taste, compared to anything I've had in the U.S.. I'm talking about black coffee, not Vietnamese coffee with ...
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Where to get Phượng coffee?

Where in Europe can one buy the excellent Vietnamese coffee of the Phượng brand which is shown in the photo?
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