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Use this tag for questions about industry groups that represent commercial coffee enterprises, either on a national, regional, or global basis.

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What's the difference between type 2 and 2-5 in the COB green bean classification system?

The Oficial Brazilian Classification (COB) for green beans defines that if 4 full defects are found in the 300 g sample, the source is classified as type 2, but the table says that it's also type 2-5 (...
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Research funding for health benefits by coffee trade associations

How much funding is provided by the coffee industry for research on the health benefits of coffee? I came across a statistic that surprised me by its meagerness. According to their website, the ...
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US equivalent of SCAE?

Europe has the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) which is a non-profit trade association and large community of coffee enthusiasts. They also have established the "Coffee Diploma System" ...
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