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For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to coffee.

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History of short and tall sizes

Does the short and tall sizing come from Starbucks or did Starbucks adopt it? In my understanding short and tall are generic terms, but when I left Seattle (and in Seattle when I came back) it seemed ...
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What is the difference between the terms percolation and brewing in English?

Percolation and brewing seem used quite interchangeably in English, in many contexts, but not all. For example, I can often see "percolation time" in technical documents or Wikipedia entries, but ...
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10 votes
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What do the terms extraction and strength mean?

A number of questions use the terms extraction and strength in a broad sense like "how much stuff comes out of the coffee beans." But "technically" speaking: What do the terms extraction and strength ...
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Is "cold brew" an oxymoron?

Dictionaries seem to agree that brewing requires hot water. I have checked definitions in the New Oxford American Dictionary, the (British) Oxford Dictionary of English, and a thesaurus. So how about ...
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What is a shot?

I have visited Starbucks lots of times for their delicious coffee. As I stand in line, I hear people order coffee with like extra shots. I tried searching up what it means but to no avail. Here's an ...
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