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French press technique without timing or blooming

I'm new to French press coffee and have been experimenting rather than following the rules. The technique I ended up with: Doesn't require an initial bloom. Doesn't require any timing. Works well ...
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How to choose coffee that's the most stimulating without the anxiety

I've never been able to figure out all the patterns to be able to understand which coffee gives me more of the positive effects - mental and physical energy, good mood; with less of the negative ...
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What are some strategies for handling the transition between different-aged beans in a coffee shop Espresso grinder?

Suppose my grinder's hopper contains beans roasted 14 days ago, and the hopper is almost empty; suppose further that I have a full bag of 5-day-old beans, ready to go. If the new beans are added to ...
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Warm Brew Coffee?

I usually hot brew coffee as it's the most convenient method. I occasionally cold brew coffee for a less bitter coffee, which I prefer, but is a bit of a pain in the a***. I'm assuming the bitterness ...
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Is it good to have the "floating oil" on the surface of some coffee drinks?

Coffees prepared with some standard home machines (e.g., non-paper-filtered methods like moka, Turkish, or even some espresso machines) have something on the surface. It looks like oil from the beans. ...
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Difference between inverted and normal aeropress?

Can someone tell me the difference between a coffee made using the "normal" aeropress technique and an "inverted" technique?
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