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What is the minimum amount of coffee that produces the maximum possible concentration?

There are several posts about "good" ratios of coffee and water, but the answers are somewhat subjective. I'm not asking about "good", or "best", or ideal acidity or ...
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How Much Caffeine is Really in Your Coffee? - analysis / questions

I've been trying to make sense of the very popular article: How Much Caffeine is Really in Your Coffee. It seems the infographics are just all over the place, different amounts of coffee, different ...
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How to make stronger drip brewed coffee

If you ground enough beans for 4 cups of coffee but only brew one cup of coffee how much stronger will it be? My gut feel is the first initial pass of water will pull more coffee materials from the ...
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Can I make coffee taste better while I recover from COVID?

I'm experiencing parosmia (unusual or phantom tastes and smells) which is making some (but not all) foods and drinks very unpleasant tasting. Sometimes it feels like I've got somebody's feet under my ...
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How to reduce acidity (and increase strength) of moka pot coffee?

I drink coffee, from a stovetop moka pot. I do not add anything to it. No milk, no sugar, no water. Just the output of the moka pot is drunk, by me (not sure, if that is the norm). I have read in some ...
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How to choose coffee that's the most stimulating without the anxiety

I've never been able to figure out all the patterns to be able to understand which coffee gives me more of the positive effects - mental and physical energy, good mood; with less of the negative ...
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Help me determine the strength of my coffee

I drink coffee from a Nespresso Machine (Nespresso Pixie). I use one capsule of Ristretto Italiano (black), but run it twice under the 'Lungo' option. Thus my question is: What is the strength of ...
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What volume of beans yields a tablespoon of ground coffee?

I have recently switched from using pre-ground coffee to grinding my own beans. With the pre-ground, I used 1.5 tbsp per cup, however when i used the equivalent in beans (before grinding) the coffee ...
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Are coffee enhancers bad for you?

I buy Buisman Royal Aroma Coffee enhancer from our local Dutch shop. It halves the coffee grounds needed and makes the coffee taste stronger. It is basically burnt sugar, as far as I understand. Is ...
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Does using two paper filters in a drip machine strengthen flavour?

From time to time, I find myself somewhere, where I have to make coffee using a drip machine. Often it is one that takes flat-bottom, paper filters. When I am in this situation, I am usually working ...
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Why do most coffee shops use such dark roast?

I've noticed that most (non-specialty) places that sell coffee tend to have very dark roasts. This includes Starbucks, any Fast Food restaurant, most nicer restaurants, and hotel coffee. I can't ...
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Is there a "standard" ratio of espresso to milk in a latte?

If I order a caffè latte from a coffee shop, will it always be the same strength? As in the same ratio of espresso to milk? For example, I think I heard that Starbucks UK use more espresso than is ...
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Make my coffee stronger without equipment

I just had an espresso at a café, and it really put into perspective how weak my everyday coffee is. All the equipment I own is a blade grinder, and my method is a turkish brew (grind the beans, put ...
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Why does some coffee "hit me" harder than other coffee? [closed]

I've had all types of coffee, but certain brands or preparations seem to get me more 'speeded up' (like Starbucks coffee) than others. What causes certain coffee to be more "stimulating" than other ...
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What do the terms extraction and strength mean?

A number of questions use the terms extraction and strength in a broad sense like "how much stuff comes out of the coffee beans." But "technically" speaking: What do the terms extraction and strength ...
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What does the 'strength' mean (in numbers)?

The coffee package I've bought has 'strength rating'. It's 3 out of 5. I wonder what that 'strength' means? How it is measured? Does it relate to the caffeine amount? The coffee package is from ...
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