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Questions tagged [specific-machine]

Questions that are specific to specific models of coffee-related machines.

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What's this part name and how to remove it?

I am having a coffee machine, a Grimac Tube with a pod system and where I am trying to remove/exchange the brass part, which I don't know the name of. As you can see in the pictures, I tried it with ...
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Manual / inconvenient / minimalist method to make coffee (aim is to reduce consumption)

I have a fully automatic machine (bean to cup coffee, around 1600 $) and have problems with excessive coffee consumption. As a solution I have thought, it must be more difficult / less comfortable to ...
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What are the main pros and cons of the GeneCafe coffee roaster?

Having never roasted coffee, I would like to start roasting coffee at home (I'm UK-based). Due to time, and other constraints, I am looking for a solution that requires as little human intervention as ...
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Is a Keurig K-Cafe "shot" really an espresso shot?

I've been trying a Keurig K-Cafe, which includes a "Shot" feature that slowly produces what looks like a shot of espresso from a regular ("coffee") K-cup. What is the machine doing to produce that, ...
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Can the Breville / Sage Oracle grind and brew simultaneously?

The Breville / Sage Oracle has a grinder, steam wand and espresso maker (not sure if there is a more technical term for the part where you click the portafilter into) in one machine. Online ...
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