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4 answers

Coffee and milk for the lactose intolerant

I am lactose intolerant. How can I prepare a good cup of coffee with milk? I don't like the taste of black coffee. I usually use soy-milk, but it is nowhere near original milk in taste.
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What coffee bean and roast are appropriate with soy milk?

Soy milk tastes quite different from cow milk. Yet coffee chains seem to make their milk-based drinks from the same coffee pot. The pot is most often made of dark-roast blends "from the house", and it ...
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How to avoid soya milk curdling in coffee?

I like to make a coffee with soya milk. Sometimes when I add the milk to the coffee it curdles, i.e. it separates into lumps floating in translucent liquid. This tastes and looks a bit strange (but is ...
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