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Coffe for cocktails?

What coffe is suitable for cocktail use? How strong should I make it? I only have an "ordinary" coffe machine (I don't know the english name), but its similar to this: In this set-up you ...
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What Coffee to use for Cuban-inspired coffee?

I have been drinking Cafe Bustelo espresso for over 20 years. What are some similar (flavor, boldness, caffeine, strength, & consistency) but better espresso options I can try? This is the exact ...
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What’s the best all purpose zero retention grinder for single dosing?

What is the best grinder that: is considered all-purpose (grinds coarse enough for cold brew, French press, through to pour overs & Chemex, and fine and consistent enough for espresso using non-...
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Coffee machine for a small business

We have gone through a couple different coffee machines, here at work, none of which are sufficient. We started with a normal brew machine (doesn't make enough) and worked our way up to a percolator (...
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Quick Homemade Great Tasting Coffee vs Price?

Good Coffee When Working From Home I work from home and often don't have the time to go to a coffee shop to get a nice freshly brewed coffee. Solutions I've Tried To combat this, I've tried various ...
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Book recommendation: a guide about coffee to a beginner?

I really want to learn more about coffee, but I think the web is too large and therefore confusing. So I have decided to start with a good book. Which books (preferably below 20 USD) can you recommend?...
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