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Questions specifically about the group handle used in espresso machines. This handle contains a filter basket and after filling it with coffee grounds it is locked in the group head of an espresso machine before brewing. Use with the [espresso-machine] tag.

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Can I upgrade a 54mm portafilter machine to 58mm?

I think this is likely a dumb question but I have a Breville Barista Pro which has a 54mm portafilter. It seems like all the cool coffee tools come for 58mm portafilters so I was wondering if it was ...
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Should we clean portafilter immediately?

When I landed to my new job I was surprised that nobody cleans up the portafilter, leaving this dubious privilege to whomever is lucky enough to fix them coffee next. My new coworker, a good guy and a ...
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How can I lock my portafilter when there's too much resistance? [duplicate]

I just bought a Breville Bambino Plus, and when I tried to lock the portafilter in the group head it doesn't turn and lock. There seems to be too much resistance to the point that I think I might ...
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Portafilter difficult to turn

I have a Saeco espresso machine. When I place the portafilter into the machine, it is very difficult to turn and lock. Do you have any suggestions?
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Should I thoroughly clean the portafilter basket between shots?

When I'm making lots of individual drinks I tend to clean the portafilter basket thoroughly and then dry it before filling it again etc. I've watched baristas and they tend to just knock the old ...
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