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Does pouring hot espresso over ice "shock" it, or is that a myth?

I recently got an espresso maker and now tend to make iced lattes every morning. I make the espresso, pour it into a glass with ice, and then add milk. A friend came to stay with me recently and ...
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Why does store bought Starbucks ground coffee prepared at home taste and look different from the real version?

I recently started trying to make my own coffee instead of just buying them in bottles or somewhere else, and I found ground pumpkin spice at Walmart. I decided to try it, but since I don’t really ...
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Why is my dalgona coffee foamy instead of creamy?

A dalgona coffee with cold milk is my go-to summer drink. I discovered this golden coffee beauty during the last summer lockdown and since then did not stop drinking it. Since I started last year I am ...
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How to make a delicious cold coffee from ground coffee?

I am new to coffee drinking and I just checked what I am drinking till now is instant coffee. So, I was wondering is it possible to make cold coffee? Not cold brew, just a normal cold coffee with ...
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Difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

What is the difference between cold brew and iced coffee? Is cold brew better than iced coffee?
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Is cold coffee stronger than regular coffee?

If we have to start our day with caffeine then can we take cold coffee instead of regular coffee? And what are the effects of cold coffee on our health?
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2 votes
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Iced (cold) coffee stronger than hot?

Generally, it is a fact that hot drinks make us calm. That is the suggestion from doctors - to drink a hot drink before going to bed. So, is iced coffee stronger because that triggers our metabolism? ...
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Cold Espresso with moka pot

I bought a moka pot few moths ago and I've enjoyed brewing "espresso" with it. I wonder if it would be possible to make cool my espresso so I can drink it the next day. It would be handy if I could ...
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What's the difference between iced cafe au lait and iced coffee?

Is iced cafe au lait actually just cafe au lait with ice in it? How can a cafe au lait be iced? I've had both iced cafe au lait and iced coffee at Crazy Mocha and the iced cafe au lait does taste more ...
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Coffee philosophy: Ice then coffee or coffee then ice

Ice + 2 Espresso Shots OR 2 Espresso Shots + Ice Settle the score please.
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Extending the Japanese Brewing Method to Espresso

I've heard about the "Japanese Brewing Method" that's been getting some exposure. I usually brew with an espresso machine, and I was wondering if the same logic applies here. Does adding ice to a cup, ...
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Can making iced coffee (with cola) on my Coffee Press harm the Press?

I love iced coffee, and usually make it. If you don't know what it is, it is basically adding cola to a brewed coffee. When I brew coffee in my coffee press, there is usually enough space to add cola. ...
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2 answers

If I leave my brewed coffee to rest, will it lose caffeine? [duplicate]

I prefer to drink coffee cold. So, after the coffee is done brewing, I leave it to rest for some time and drink it later. Will the coffee lose its strength, if it is cooling down?
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Methods to get a better taste out of iced coffee

I have been experimenting with iced coffee lately as summer has started and I haven't really had any good results. The coffee always tastes...different then what I believe it should taste like. What ...
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Is this coffee Kombucha?

About three weeks ago, I brewed iced coffee in a clean jar; I didn't drink all of it and left it in the refrigerator. About 1/2 the jar was filled, I then traveled and when I came back, I found in ...
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How would the ratios of iced coffee differ from regular coffee?

If I'm making iced coffee, should the ratios of the ingredients (coffee, water, sweetener, milk) differ in any way? If so, how?
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How long will iced latte keep in the Fridge?

If I make a batch of iced latte, that is to say I make a regular latte then pour it over ice, how long can I keep a batch fresh in the fridge? A day? A week? If the milk is the limiting factor, could ...
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