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Do (some) vintage GE Immersible Coffeemakers contain PCBs?

I recently acquired a brand new vintage General Electric Immersible Coffeemaker. When I opened the box, I found that the carafe is plastic. The paperwork was printed 1974. What are the chances the ...
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Why did espresso never catch on as a mainstream drink in the US?

I live in the US. During a recent trip to France, I was struck by the fact that espresso is the default coffee configuration there (i.e., if you order "coffee" in a restaurant without specifying ...
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What is the history and significance of the "Anthora" coffee cup?

Five years ago, my cousin brought back a souvenir porcelain "Anthora" coffee cup which is apparently a cultural icon of New York City. What is its history and significance; and is it still widely used ...
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History of short and tall sizes

Does the short and tall sizing come from Starbucks or did Starbucks adopt it? In my understanding short and tall are generic terms, but when I left Seattle (and in Seattle when I came back) it seemed ...
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What's the history and content of Coffee Cantata from Johann Sebastian Bach?

A few days ago, I have seen the title Coffee Cantata from Johann Sebastian Bach will be staged soon in the opera house. I wonder, what is this cantata about?
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Do we know when the first cappuccino was brewed and how it acquired its name? [duplicate]

Is it possible to know when the first documented case of someone brewing a cappuccino coffee and how this beverage got its name?
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Best stories of coffee consumption in historical times? [closed]

I'm currently coming up with a coffee article, and suddenly I'm stuck trying to fish my words out of the water -- how has civilization come to appreciate coffee, anyhow? Why did pre-modern societies ...
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What you call the original Cappuccino?

I am a coffee freak and I love Cappuccino. I want to know what exactly is the Original Cappuccino. What portion of milk, water and coffee does it contains? And is cappuccino with more foam as good or ...
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What other blends are as *historical* as Mocha Java? [closed]

Mocha Java is a blend of Mocha coffee from Yemen (or sometimes Mocca coffee from Ethiopia) with Java coffee from the island of Java in Indonesia originally developed by the Dutch East India company, ...
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Coffee as a factor in rapid scientific progress?

Balzac is one of many authors* who have cited coffee as a boost to creativity (or at least productivity). See this article, for example. My question is whether anyone has argued that coffee or ...
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Did people actually drink coffee off the saucer?

This website has a claim that seems somewhat ludicrous nowadays. "[People] used to pour coffee into the saucer to cool it off, and slurped it off the saucer. This seems laughably silly by modern ...
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