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For questions about the good and bad effects of coffee on human health.

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Research funding for health benefits by coffee trade associations

How much funding is provided by the coffee industry for research on the health benefits of coffee? I came across a statistic that surprised me by its meagerness. According to their website, the ...
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Does L-theanine affect caffeine's half-life?

Does consuming L-theanine with caffeine, either in drink (like matcha) or in pill form, affect the half-life of caffeine? I have heard something like "L-theanine slows caffeine absorption", ...
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COVID-19 screening test using coffee beans

Loss of taste or smell is one of the strongest signals for COVID-19. Though not every COVID-19 case has this symptom, it's a very specific symptom that doesn't commonly have other causes. This ...
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Effect of grind size on LDL cholesterol levels in French press coffee

Keeping all other factors (e.g. water temperature, extraction time) the same, does grind size affect the LDL cholesterol levels in French press coffee? If so, how are the two related?
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Pod machine coffee vs. full-cycle machine coffee

For a few years in the past, I had been using full-cycle coffee machines (Saeco), which ground beans. At some interim point, I had tried a Nespresso machine, and noticed some weird effects on my sense ...
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Is milk coffee good or bad?

I always had loved drinking coffee like this: a full hot cup of milk and a teaspoon of coffee (instant coffee) and teaspoon of brown sugar. Some one told me it’s not healthy. I love latte but not ...
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