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How many different sizes should a shop serve for a flat white?

Sometimes when I visit a shop they simply list flat white. Other times there are many many options for size. What is the correct way to serve a flat white?
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Dual Hopper Grinder, Single Brewer, Mixing Flavors! Please help!

I own a small coffee shop, and the regulars love their flavored coffee. To help improve the workflow, I bought a dual hopper grinder. One side is flavored, the other is regular/house. We brew both ...
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1 answer

Odd coffee notation on menus

On a trip to Texas I've noticed that espresso drinks are listed on menu boards as "3 oz.," "6 oz.," and "8 oz.," instead of "cortado," "cappuccino," and "latte," respectively. I have not seen this ...
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Coffee consuming amount

What's the amount of coffee per day do we need to drink? I study whole day so I feel coffee addicted while studying so can any one answer me?
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Website or database to find local coffee beans

I'm having a problem finding places that sell bulk coffee beans (other than one grocery store selling stale beans). Is there a website somewhere that keeps track or a place I can go to ask? I live in ...
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EK43 settings for shop grinding

I was wondering if anyone has a list of EK43 grind settings for different brew methods that they use for pre grinding coffee bags for customers. I know that pre grinding can be complicated for all ...
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What makes coffee from a coffee shop/cafe better than the coffee I make at home?

Depending on the coffee shop I go to I often find I like the coffee more than the coffee I make at home or that I have at other peoples homes. Of course cafes and shops have bigger and more fancy ...
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What paper cups does can be used for both cold drinks and coffee?

I see a coffee shop named Blue Bottle use their paper cups for hot and cold drinks. I wonder what paper-cup tech this is? In my shop experience, using hot cups for cold drinks make them soggy. I'd ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Barista Classes

There are several courses available for aspiring baristas to take. I am interested in opening a farmer's market coffee stand, I have zero Barista experience, however some of these courses are very ...
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2 answers

What makes a successful coffee shop?

I would like to open an artisan coffee shop in the next three to five years, I have a few ideas which will set it apart from other specialty shops. However, when coming up with a business model, how ...
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