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How do I know when to end the bloom?

I’m familiar with what the bloom is and why we do it. But all of the instructions and guides about pour-over coffee I’ve ever seen recommend a specific time to let the coffee bloom before continuing ...
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How do I bloom coffee in a large percolator hopper?

I've read that I should "wet the hopper" in a large metal percolator (35-100 cuppers). I think that just means I shouldn't put the coffee into a dry pot, but I don't know what good that does me. Is ...
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What's the purpose of the blooming process? [duplicate]

What exactly is the blooming process and why do we do it? Excerpt from Peets: Pour enough water to cover the grounds, start your timer and wait for the grounds to puff up. This stage of ...
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When accounting for bloom, why is the common instruction to stir with very little water?

There is already a question on What is coffee bloom here, and one about why "blooming" the grounds is necessary over on seasoned advice. A currently unanswered question here is is blooming actually ...
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Does the bloom matter in French Press?

I am a fan of pour-over, generally speaking, and I understand the importance of wetting the grounds, then allowing them to "bloom" for 45 30 seconds or so before beginning the extraction. The main ...
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What is coffee bloom

I make drip coffee (pour over for North Americans) at home and I would like to know: what exactly is coffee bloom? When I pour the initial amount of water the grounds swell up, and sometimes there is ...
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