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Your recommendation and advice for Turkish coffee blends

I am in a process of establishing a small coffee-factory in Egypt. I would like to know your recommendation for Turkish-coffee-blend, what do you prefer, what are your recommendations ? I am ...
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What is the ratio of Arabica and Robusta in blend coffees available in markets?

I have seen some blend coffeees available in the market, both ground as well as instant. I want to know what ratio is preferred normally while mixing Arabica and Robusta? Country : India
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What is the difference between a Blend and Single Origin coffee?

I wanted to know the difference between blend and origin coffee.
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What are the basics of creating an espresso blend?

Having roasted almost exclusively single origins, tackling blends seems somewhat daunting. What are the basic elements of an espresso blend that make it particularly good for the espresso ...
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Why is chicory added to coffee beans while grinding?

In south India, we used to add chicory to our coffee. In the UK, I have not seen this blend of coffee anywhere. Is there a reason why South India adds chicory?
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How to methodically pick out coffee nuances

I have been roasting coffee for years now at home. I definitely can pick out overall coffee differences (body, acidity, astringency, fruited, etc.) but when I read ratings and notes from my provider (...
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Is Starbucks a fast-food like coffee company? [closed]

Well actually it is obvious that they are pretty fast. But to the proffessionals i ask : does Starbucks's coffee is not organic ? not healthy ? or includes so much chemicals ? I do realize it depends ...
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What is Breakfast/Morning blend?

What features does a breakfast or a morning blend have that other roasts or varieties don't have? Is it always the similar or does it vary by distributor? Is there any difference between breakfast ...
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