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Where can I buy dried coffee cherries in the USA?

I am looking for dried coffee cherries on behalf of my brother. He probably wants to encourage a market for them in order to reduce food waste. I'd support that too. Where can you find dried coffee ...
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Coffee with colors?

I've heard some types of coffee have blue color (after brewing), does anyone know the name of it? Also is there any coffee that have color other than brown?
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What/when/how do you consider coffee as organic?

Our shop joined this bazaar and we we're selling roasted beans (Brazil Santos) which we get green then roast in our shop. A customer was asking questions about the coffee beans and the only one thing ...
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What does a coffee cherry taste like?

Do they keep long enough to ship? Can they be ordered from somewhere? Can they be dried/preserved/candied? Can the flavor be used ... perhaps in a coffee beverage? In the washed and semi-washing ...
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What variety of coffee berries are good for jam?

Some people make jam out of coffee fruits, and I would like to try that out. It seems difficult, as it requires getting actual fruits, and as fresh as possible---probably even harder out of the Green ...
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Are coffee tree berries edible?

According this legend, somebody called Sheik Omar chewed on coffee berries when living in exile. It is mentioned he found them too bitter at the time. But is it possible to eat them? Also, according ...
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