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Questions tagged [cleaning]

Methods, tips and tricks for cleaning coffee pots, cups, and other brewing or coffee-related materials. Avoid product placements, but general descriptions of generic items are acceptable.

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Lavazza Amodo Mio - steams

When I try to make a cup of coffee my Lavazza machine steams and splutters all over the place/through the water vent (not the milk frother). I have tried cleaning it. What else can I do?
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Keeping milk frother in shape

We recently got new Milk Frother and I do not intend to it have residue which burns up as described in this question. What are ways to keep it clean after a day of use. I heard everytime you use it, ...
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How do I clean a coffee maker reservoir above the max fill line?

I have a Russell Hobbs drip coffee maker that has a built in reservoir. Unfortunately the reservoir has had a small amount of mould in it which I managed to mostly clean with a vinegar/water cycle but ...
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Easy To Clean New Machine

I bought a Breville Barista Express machine about 3 years ago now, and I've been thinking about replacing it soon. I loved the quality and the cafe-style coffee, but I find the pieces of the machine ...
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