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Questions tagged [cleaning]

Methods, tips and tricks for cleaning coffee pots, cups, and other brewing or coffee-related materials. Avoid product placements, but general descriptions of generic items are acceptable.

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14 votes
1 answer

What are these spots on the inside of my moka pot? Do I need to remove them?

I've got these spots on the inside the bottom section of my Bialetti Moka Express: They are placed pretty evenly around the ridgy part toward the edge of the bottom of the circle, with a few toward ...
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4 answers

What can I use to clean my machine as a substitute for original cleaners?

I have access to an automatic bean-to-cup Siemens coffee maker. It has periodic cleaning programs of its own and also its own cleaning materials. Recently, we have difficulties finding these cleaning ...
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2 answers

Moka pot - oxidization, rust or mold?

I'm using a Tescoma paloma moka pot (aluminium) and after three years (and one mistake made by a friend of mine - tried to clean it with detergent) I noticed a build-up of two things: White spots ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Is soap/water enough to get safely clean coffee mold from my mug?

Typical lazy guy problem - I didn't clean my ceramic cup after using it and haven't used the cup in about 3 weeks. It's been sitting on a shelf in my office. I noticed today it had some little mold ...
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10 answers

How should I clean a stainless coffee carafe?

At the office, we have a coffee maker with a stainless steel vacuum carafe similar to this one. It has accumulated coffee residue in it from 5+ years of hard service, whilst receiving in return what I ...
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5 answers

How do I effectively clean a metal Chemex filter?

I've been using a metal cone filter for a couple months: Able Brewing Kone Coffee Filter It has worked fantastically, but gradually clogged up over time. I've washed it with warm water and dish soap ...
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8 answers

Keurig Coffee Maker gets clogged and slow

Recently my family passed down the first Keurig we ever got. I'm pretty sure it's the first one. Here's a pic I found from the great Google. Anyways, I have been using it to fill my travelers mug ...
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Kopi Luwak coffee beans

Kopi Luwak are the most expensive coffee beans, but I was wondering if there is a special taste to these coffee beans. I was also wondering if there is a recommended method of brewing which would ...
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How suitable is a glass pot for making Turkish Coffee with milk?

I'm looking into Turkish Coffee and it looks very appealing from a flavor, caffeine strength. and cleanup perspective. I was considering one of the electric machines to boil, but it kinda seems like ...
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