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Questions tagged [barista]

A person who is skillful in preparing coffee and coffee-based beverages.

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What can cause an overly acid espresso brew?

I went into this new specialty coffee shop today, they had a nice place and very informative brochures about the coffee beans they were using that day, happened to be a top quality Brazilian product ...
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Anyone using La Pavoni EDL Eurobar Deluxe? Comments? Reviews?

Hello Dear Coffee Experts, I am in advance very grateful for any advise you can provide me. I am testing an espresso coffee machine from one of my colleagues who just upgraded his. He bought a Lelit ...
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2 votes
3 answers

What is the best coffee brewing method to learn at home? What equipment shall i prepare?

I have been watching youtube videos and all sort of guides and books. I have been watching pour-over method and wonder, does the equipment i have to buy to practice at home should be expensive? Im ...
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10 votes
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What are the 4M's of espresso?

"4M" is something that I have been heard of as a requirement set for tasty espresso. What are these four important quality factors that affect the flavor of final espresso cup?
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