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Questions about what influences coffee smell, what influences coffee aroma, and how coffee aroma influence other aspects.

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How do I clean a coffee maker reservoir above the max fill line?

I have a Russell Hobbs drip coffee maker that has a built in reservoir. Unfortunately the reservoir has had a small amount of mould in it which I managed to mostly clean with a vinegar/water cycle but ...
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Why do I get a better cup when the coffee package isn't opened for a while?

I usually brew V60 at home with recently roasted beans that I grind right before brewing my coffee. I like fruity notes in my coffee, and what I noticed is that the first cup I make after opening the ...
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COVID-19 screening test using coffee beans

Loss of taste or smell is one of the strongest signals for COVID-19. Though not every COVID-19 case has this symptom, it's a very specific symptom that doesn't commonly have other causes. This ...
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Bad smelling coffee beans

I recently purchased a bag of medium roasted coffee beans that is from a popular coffee chain to try to start grinding my own coffee. However, I've found that these beans smell a lot like dirt or even ...
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What type of coffee maker creates the most coffee scent?

I stopped drinking coffee for a while but recently picked it back up, mainly because I enjoy the scent. Previously I had a Keurig machine; convenient, but produces almost no smell during brewing. ...
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What are the effects of caffein olfaction?

Does smelling caffeine share equivalent effects on our central nervous system to those immediately apparent when ingesting? More precisely, does the aroma of coffee necessitate a beneficial ...
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Maxwell house instant coffee powder aroma

My office just got a case of Maxwell House instant coffee. As noted by my co-worker, the aroma of the coffee powder smells more like soy sauce than coffee, which most of the instant coffees we had. ...
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Does ground coffee lose caffeine like it loses aroma?

What I know is that, for the best taste, one should grind the coffee right before brewing it. Storing ground coffee makes it lose part of its taste, even if there are ways to counteract that effect. ...
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Why do my Arabica beans smell and taste of burnt rubber?

I recently bought some Kenyan SL28, SL34 beans with a supposed blackcurrant note. It has an overwhelming burnt rubber flavor that I thought was exclusive to Robusta, how come?
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How are coffee beans differentiated?

Tea grown in Sri Lanka is classified by elevation into high, mid and low grown tea. High: rich in flavor Mid: blend of flavor and aroma Low: rich aroma Does coffee has such differentiation? If so ...
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Why does the gas from degassing ground coffee smell bad?

I have a jar with ground coffee stored in a cupboard. Every time I open that cupboard a specific smell gets out, one that can surely be associated with coffee but that is not the same one that you can ...
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Detering effects of coffee aroma

Does coffee aroma have a detering effect on some insects, like flies, mosquitos etc.? Are there any researches on how the 'house' insects are reacting on coffee aroma?
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Why do coffee packs have an aroma hole if it is recommended to store coffee in an air tight container

If it's recommended that coffee should be stored in an air tight container then why do coffee bags have an aroma hole. Apart from being able to smell the coffee is there another purpose to this? I ...
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