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Roughly how strong is one shot of espresso compared to a cup of drip coffee? [duplicate]

Every morning, I have one 12 oz. cup of drip coffee, to the point where I have become dependent on it. When I’m traveling, it’s often hard to find someone who will make me a straight cup of coffee. I ...
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What is the optimal brewing technique for extracting caffeine?

I was wondering what process, or processes, would yield the highest caffeine quantity at a fixed drink size (Say 200ml). Assuming the same variety of bean, same roast, same quantity, same water ...
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How much weight reduction occurs after roasting coffee beans?

Does the roasting process lead to weight reduction? If so, what are determining factors? type of coffee? type of roast(dark, medium etc) ? If you have X lbs of unroasted coffee beans, how much (...
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Are there any ways that coffee consumers can measure the caffeine content of what they are drinking by themselves?

As a consumer of coffee from several different sources (made at home, from a coffee shop, out of a fancy designer can at a convenience store), I have often wondered about their relative caffeine ...
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Instant coffee has less caffeine than percolated and filter drip?

Sources related to average caffeine content per preparation method show: for (6oz cup, arabica coffee) Filter drip 150 [Mg. of Caffeine] Percolated 125 Espresso 100 Instant 60 Decaffeinated 4 ...
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Why does some coffee "hit me" harder than other coffee? [closed]

I've had all types of coffee, but certain brands or preparations seem to get me more 'speeded up' (like Starbucks coffee) than others. What causes certain coffee to be more "stimulating" than other ...
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How much caffeine delivered by eating coffee grounds

I eat coffee grounds. I have size 000 capsules (just think of the size of the largest supplement capsules you may have seen), a capsule maker, and some Death Wish (which they tout as premium Ruousto, ...
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How much French Press is a serving?

I have a small cafetiere for making French Press coffee. I can't remember what it said on the box when I bought it - it's quite old - but it seems similar to those advertised as '2-cup' size. Making ...
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Conflicting information regarding caffeine content in an espresso?

According to the USDA, the caffeine content in 100 gram of brewed coffee is about 40 milligram. According to the USDA, 100 ‎gram of restaurant-prepared espresso contains 212 milligram of caffeine. ...
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Is coffee a drug that you could give to your dog?

Sometimes questions are very short and answers very long. We all like coffee, but, would you give coffee to your dog?
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