I have a Baratza Encore and really love using it when I can. The biggest problem I have is what happens after I'm done using it when the air is dry and static is more common.

When I grind, I take the grounds bin out and dump the grounds into my (aeropress/french press/bonavita), but there's always a bit of leftover grounds clung to it due to static electricity. Here's where I get stuck with seemingly only bad choices:

  1. If I rinse the bin, I don't want to put it back in wet, so I leave it to dry. As soon as I move the grinder or even bump it, some grounds drop out and make a bit of a mess
  2. If I don't rinse the bin and just put it back, stale grounds are in there the next time I want to grind
  3. If I try to wipe the bin, the grounds tend to make a mess anyway since they behave unpredictably due to static

Is there some better approach or system I can use that reduces the mess without compromising the quality of my brew?

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    Have you tried this technique? It's possibly a duplicate question.
    – JJJ
    Nov 4, 2022 at 1:23

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Moistening the environment using one of the techniques in this related answer will solve the issue of the grinds sticking to the bin. The first and simplest approach to try is to add a few drops of water to the beans.

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