I would like to offer espresso (and possibly cappuccino) at an outdoor event with hundreds of people. What is the most cost and capital effective way to do this?

I have power connections, but not unlimited ones, and I have plenty of counter space.

  • What is the cycle time on nespresso machines? Peak draw?
  • Is there a way to produce lots of foamed milk at once?

Is there some way to produce a lot of espresso and then pour it out?

Curious how this generally gets done at events.

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    Totally without personal experience, I would think that this is only doable with multiple professional machines. Nespresso and domestic machines are not designed for continuous use. They will burn out or shut off after a while. An acquaintance who runs a cafe told me that his pro machine broke just a few weeks ago and that they tried to tide over with a private bean-to-cup machine. They killed two in a day.
    – Stephie
    Jan 14 at 15:29

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I would recommend firstly, estimate amount of people who would drink coffee. Everyone? If yes, I suppose, you'll need a lot of machines and baristas for espresso and cappuccino. Another way, prepare coffee in advance, and keep it warm. Google "coffee break station", to see how it looks like. In my opinion, espresso is not an option for a such big gathering, unless the number of coffee drinkers is limited.

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