When I am brewing with my Chemex, most always the filter begins to drag down along the inside, and I always have to use my fingers to pull it back and re-balance the filter. I have tried regular Grocery Store filters (don't remember the brand name), and now I am using Chemex brand filters. Am I doing something wrong?

I have also tried mimicking techniques I see online, they bring up the issue of the filter insulating the Chemex and not allowing open flow; however I have never seen anyone address the issue I face. I would also be willing to change to a Chemex-adjacent piece if it would mean avoiding this issue.

  • Does the issue persist when you put the three-ply part of the filter over the notch? A friend of mine used to put chopsticks in the notch before switching to a V60. Feb 1 at 17:49

I wonder if you are using the correct filter for your particular Chemex. On their website that there are basically three styles; halfmoon, circle and square.


One of these looks to be very narrow and if used in the classic style brewer may cause what you are experiencing.

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