I want to backflush my espresso machine but water still comes out just like I am using a normal filter and not the blind one. What can be the problem?

  • You are backflushing with a regular filter, not with a blind filter? That's not backflushing, that's just pushing water through the portafilter. Jan 23 at 17:15
  • @technical_difficulty please re-read my post. Also someone has already answered to me but thanks!
    – DimKoim
    Jan 25 at 21:58
  • If that's the case, then the water wouldn't run through the portafilter, right? I think your question needs more clarity to be answered in a way that can be helpful to other users. Where is the water coming through?
    – JJJ
    Jan 26 at 21:25

This can happen if the gasket around the group head is damaged or worn out. Damage can occur if you overtighten the portafilter when locking it in place to brew, and wear occurs just by using the machine normally. Under normal use (once daily at least five days a week), a group head gasket will need to be replaced about every six months.

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