I am doing some research on the coffee supply chain - from farm to cup. I’m interested in learning about the entire supply chain, the different stages and people involved in getting the coffee beans delivered to the cafe.

I am also looking for resources that explain how coffee farmers set prices on their coffee.

Furthermore, i am also looking to understand fair trade coffee. Mainly: -What is fair trade coffee?

  • Is there a regulatory body that determines which coffee is “ fair trade”? -Are “fair trade” labeled coffee actually fair trade?

I know these are very broad and different questions but if anyone can give me any good, researched resources or point me in those directions it would really mean a lot!

Thank you!

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    Welcome! As you said yourself, this is quite a broad question, which means that the community may decide to close it. Asking for external resources is usually also frowned upon on SE, the goal is to create a Q/A - knowledge base right on the site. – Stephie Jan 11 at 13:44

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