I bought an aluminium 6-cup moka pot 2-3 weeks ago. It's about $4.5 dollars in where i live (it's relatively cheap because i live in a third world country). It's probably from a local manufacturer since i can not find the company online. I didn't know much about moka pot back then so i just bought what at the time my broke college ass could afford. After a week or so use, i noticed a bright golden brown spot in the bottom of the water chamber. enter image description here

What is this and is it dangerous? I assume it's just aluminium oxide but i don't really know since a lot of images don't really match with my moka pot. It's also smell metallic but it's probably from the coffee? I'm quite unsure.

My cleaning process is i usually wait a couple hours for my moka pot to cool down after brewing then i rinse it with water, disassemble it and wipe it dry with paper towels.

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