I was recently introduced to Ethiopian coffee, specifically, a flavour called Honey washed Dawi and Sidamo. They had wonderful aromas and tasted a little bit fruity as well. I did some research and learned that Ethiopian coffee grows at a higher elevation than other coffees, which is why it tastes the way it does. Then, I learned about Specialty Grade 1 coffee that is usually from Ethiopia. Where can I get Grade 1 coffee in Canada?

I found https://www.kickinghorsecoffee.com/en, https://buycoffeecanada and https://etcoffee.com/ Has anyone purchased from these vendors before? Thanks

  • In Canada you go to a computer in your home or work place, respectfully and kindly ask the internet to go to the links you provided and purchase the coffee of your choice. Report your findings. – Alaska Man Nov 1 at 19:43

What part of Canada do you live in. Ethiopian coffee is all over the place. “Specialty” is a coffee that scores over 80 in the SCA scoring system. As such, it is not referred to as a “Grade”.

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