bonus fact: that coffee glass is "vietnamese coffee" with condensed milk super strong and sweet super recommended

I tried it Vietnam 3 years ago. What is the name of that desert in the photo?

I only know that its origin is probably Phillipines or Vietnam or that area, and that it contains eggs, and the brown thing is coffee flavored.



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That is either a Flan, or a Creme Caramel.

The difference between flan and Creme Caramel

Flan is a custard based dessert. All though it is loved in many countries not just Asia its origins are not Asian but ancient Rome. there are many versions of it around the world.

The history of flan.

The history of Creme Caramel.

It is known as flan in Spain and Mexico and as cream caramella in Italy. Flan and crème caramel, both a mixture of sugar, flavorings and a milk product, differ in that flan is Spanish in origin and is made with sweetened condensed milk while crème caramel is French in origin and is made with whole milk or cream.

The caramel topping may have hints of coffee flavor but technically it is not made with coffee. It is melted sugar, melted to a slightly burnt state called caramelized sugar.

If like Flan then you will probably like creme brulee.

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