Suppose a thermos mug is fully filled with coffee (so there is no air and the coffee can't come in contact with oxygen) and somehow I manage to keep the temperature of coffee around 60 degree to 70 degrees Celsius (140-158 °F) for two days, so I don't need to reheat and as the temperature is higher it can't oxidize with the oxygen of water.

Will the coffee be fresh and taste same after a day or two?

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  • Oxidation is not the only thing you need to worry about, what about mold? – technical_difficulty Sep 25 at 17:53
  • Why do you think the higher temperature makes it impossible for the coffee to react with the oxygen in the water? – technical_difficulty Sep 27 at 15:45
  • because oxidation is heat generating reaction, Higher temperature will make it difficult to generate heat, not impossible though. That will slow the process of oxidation. So, coffee can be fresh for longer time. But can the coffee mold in absence of air? – Abtahee Salekeen Sep 29 at 9:06

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