Okay so I’m one of those caffeine-dependent people and until recently I was using the traditional way of making a cappuccino at home. Now, when I have ultimately decided to buy a coffee maker (Philips one - the kind which gives you decocitate coffee in a few minutes...), I am really perplexed about what sort of coffee powder am I supposed to use for brewing it?

Does the same coffee powder work for making my coffee the traditional way (whisking it with sugar and 1tsp milk) and in the coffee maker? Please help me out, if you can..

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    By “traditional” I would guess you mean “traditional” in your local cuisine? It’s not how a really traditional cappuccino is made. – Stephie Aug 19 '20 at 21:05
  • Coffee needs to be ground to a size that is specific to the brewing method used. We do not know what your traditional method is, Also i do not know what "decocitate coffee" means. You will need to provide more details if you would like someone to provide an informed answer. – Alaska Man Aug 26 '20 at 19:28
  • You may want to check out this and this question. I have a hunch that your post may even be duplicate of latter. – Stephie Sep 7 '20 at 20:56

It sounds like the type of coffee you need is a ground coffee, the type they use in espresso machines, something like this => https://www.gynogapod.co.uk/consumables/product/lavazza-crema-e-aroma-coffee-beans-espresso-1-kg.html If you reply with the exact model of your machine, I can give you a more specific answer.

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